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Your donations are always appreciated:
Your donations are always appreciated:

Items Needed:




Cribs/car seats


Lice medication

Hygiene products for teens

Gift Cards:

   McDonald's gift cards

   Baskin Robbins gift cards

   Target Gift Cards 

   Walmart Gift cards

Cash Donations to Purchase items

" or you can purchase Target or Walmart gift cards"

The most wanted items usually are:

   Target Gift Cards 

   Walmart Gift cards

Thank you!

Angels of Grace is always so blessed with lil Angels that are obedient to their calling! 

Vanessa, Julissa, Brenda, and Anna

From Sutter Middle School in Fowler.  For their school community service project, they chose Angels of Grace for a fundraiser to obtain our most needed items as stated in our website. They collected diapers, clothes, baby food, lice medication, wipes and $258 in cash donations!!

Thank you for your generosity!!

Dont forget to visit our store!!
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